Game Design

Game Design

Being a Game Studio; our main goal is to continue the design of the game continuum. We're currently working on Wicked Evolving, a psychological horror. Learn more


Production Support

[IGNORE THE STEREO-TYPICAL IMAGE] Once a production is released and open, will be available for support contact. Post-release; check here for fixes or help aspects.

Maker's Lair Jobs


Maker's Lair Will never stop looking for personnel to size the studio and add their style, flavor & taste. Feel free to schedule a meeting, now(!)

Meetings with ML


If you represent a studio or want to schedule a meeting with the .Reps of Maker's Lair, you can. Schedule a meeting

MODDB Maker's Lair


We're most active on the DB, as it acts as a great hub to get messages out & merge with the public. You can have-a-look at our group page there.

Wicked Evolving

Wicked Evolving For A Broken Future

Wicked Evolving For A Broken Future Is a psychological horror written by Callum Sharp and authored by Maker's Lair and TU, along with the Team NoS.